Scene hair comes in many different styles, the most common is the simply back-combed style, however, there are variants, and some totally different ways to do your hair for the scene.

"Sonic" Hair Edit

Sonic hair is essentially made up to look a little like the awesome blue-hedgehogs hair. Generally, it is side-spiked, and is usually made up of either all blue (excluding the fringe), or streaks of blue. In the picture to the right, we see Kristi Massacre with her all-black hair from 2011-2012.

How to: Sonic HairEdit

  1. Straighten all hair
  2. Get all hair above the ear (on the side you don't want the spikes on) to go to the other side (a.k.a an extreme side parting).
  3. Begin to tease the hair
  4. When it looks like the image, get gel and spike it!

Multicoloured Edit

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Multi-color hair is generally a staple of the scene style, because it is unique. However, a lot of the time, the hair is dyed either one or two colors (for example, blonde fringe and black every where else), then a lot of extensions are put in, instead of the multitude of dyes being whacked onto the head.

How to:Multi-colored hairEdit

  1. Bleach all of your hair
  2. Dye the most of your hair the color you want, i.e blue
  3. After a week of your hair being dyed with the bleached bits still visible, dye the rest a different color, i.e black (note: with black dye, you don't need to bleach the hair, unless the black you want to use is lighter than your current hair)
  4. Buy lots of extensions in a multitude of colors, such as coontails, pruple, orange etc. Extensions are good because it helps protect your freshly-dyed hair, and if your school doesn't allow multi-color hair, you can take them out.