A girl following Luna's new trend (followed from another trend) of wearing midi rings.


A scene girl who wears (supposedly) close to Luna's hair

Luna Fang is a scene queen who became one in early 2014. She is a unique scene queen however because she has not yet become a site model.

Luna Fangs BackgroundEdit

Luna Fang started her scene style back in 2009 however she never was fully involved with it and temporary left it in the end of the year. She claimed she soon became confused and realized she loved her former style and became fully emerged in her scene ways. She now calls it her lifestyle and would never turn back.

Luna Fangs presentEdit

Luna Fang is one of the first few scene queens who is not a site model. She also is the first to not have many photos of her but still is a scene queen for helping create fashion statements after Vanna Venom left the style and Kristi Massacare left the public eye.


A photo of a scene girl who was claimed to be luna fang but was proven false by Luna herself