Kristi Massacre is a Scene Queen from Novosibirsk, Russia, who is generally recognized by overly-gothic makeup,

KristiMassacre's famous "FangBanger"

an obsession with vampires and having a corset piercing on her throat in many of her images.

Trends set by Kristi Massacre:Edit

  • Corset Piercing on neck
  • Chest dermal piercings
  • Creepy gothic photoshop edits such as spiders, grunge, un-saturation & fangs
  • Wearing retractable fangs
  • True Blood enthusiasm

Where to Find Kristi Massacre:Edit

Kristi Massacre has a FAN-MADE fanpage in English which was recently opened here , and she has a VampireFreaks, EmoWire , Emo-Corner, Photobucket & YouTube.